Eps 305: Unpacking Violence in Schools with Lisa Sabey

Episode 305

My guest today is Lisa Sabey.

Lisa is mostly a wife, mother and grandmother. She has 6 children, 11 grandchildren and a husband who supports her as she launches into all the projects. Lisa’s life changed when her daughter went down the rabbit hole of anorexia nervosa. For years, mental illness ravaged her daughter’s physical and mental wellness.

After spending thousands of hours researching, reading and talking with professionals, Lisa increasingly realized that parents needed much more education and support. She self-funded the creation of a documentary, Anorexia: What We Wish We Had Known 

She committed her life to this work and founded Parents-to-Parents, a 501(c)(3) NPO. 

P-to-P has now produced two full-length documentaries (Going Sane, which won an Impact award, and American Tragedy, which won Best Documentary at the Boston Film Festival and has been viewed by over ½ million people – and the doc we will be talking more about during this interview.)

Under Lisa’s leadership, Parents-to-Parents is working directly with Zero Suicide to produce a parent resource for parents who have had a child attempt suicide and also finishing up a documentary about adverse childhood experiences.

Lisa’s youngest son, Daniel, was in Arapahoe High School when Carl Pierson came in with a gun and killed Claire Davis with the intent to kill many.

She has great compassion for all mothers!

See you next week!! 🙂

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Takeaways from the show

  • The fallout of Columbine
  • Surprises in making the Going Sane documentary
  • Honoring the mothers of school shooters
  • The Arapahoe shooting
  • Untangling trauma following feelings of not being safe
  • Finding the good in the worst situations
  • Conversations to have around feeling safe in school 
  • The power of the word ‘and’ when talking about safety
  • How schools can better navigate the intensity of threats
  • The importance of showing up confidently to your kids
  • Finding the strength and humanity in darkness
  • Solutions to decrease violence in schools
  • Sharpening focus on mental health 
  • Lisa’s current project

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Joyful courage means loving even the unlovable. Staying faithful to those children who are struggling, even when it seems like they are struggling so hard that there’s no hope. I know the most struggling kids in any family, even my own daughter, can end up being brilliantly radiant in their life. Go forward with both love and faith in the possibility of flourishing, regardless of their past.



Where to find:

GoingSane.org | LinkedIn | FaceBook


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