Eps 308: Finding Our Optimism With Summers McKay

Episode 308

My guest this week is Summers McKay. Summers is the CEO of The Optimist Daily, a news publisher that uses a multimedia approach to offer formulas for success to its audiences, which spans over 250,000 active, engaged, Optimists every week. The Optimist Daily aims to create an optimistic, mobilized, and solutions focused global society, making the world a healthier place for all. 

Summers is a business powerhouse. She has run successful crowdfunding campaigns, launched global brands, and continues to lead personal development groups, and create strategic plans for nonprofit and for profit organizations. She is determined to apply lucrative and scalable business rigor to the world of doing good.

Summers’ business, motherhood, and life mantra is simple – Help good things grow.

Her IG bio claims: MOMMY, CEO, GARDENER, EXPLORER and PET PARENT – and today we are going to talk about how we can spark and encourage optimism into our family life when so much around us seems to be contrary to that vibe

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Takeaways from the show

  • Summers’ world elevation
  • Creating a positive media environment
  • Behind the Optimist Daily
  • Basic tips to find optimism
  • Acknowledging negativity bias
  • Encouraging positive alternatives
  • Supporting your kid’s intention and giving solution mindsets
  • Making a practice to tune into optimism
  • Choose to create neutrality in your inquiry
  • Confirmation bias
  • Where toxic positivity comes from
  • Honoring the highs and lows equally
  • Being human is hard


The Optimist Daily | Instagram

See you next week!! 🙂

I once heard somebody describe courage as a very tender practice instead of a strong practice. Courage is very tender. It’s being tender with yourself to know that sometimes you’re not strong. It’s courage to admit sometimes you need extra help, and it’s courage to admit that there will be times that are challenging and you have to find your tribe. For me, joyful courage is about taking joy and knowing it’s okay to be tender and gentle. Really taking joy in this process of being human.

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