Eps 314: Becoming Tech Intentional with Emily Cherkin

Episode 314

My guest this week is Emily Cherkin. 

Emily is the Screen Time Consultant, an internationally recognized consultant who has worked with families and schools over the last 15 years, a former classroom teacher and current parent, Emily helps families go from tech overwhelm to tech intentional.

She has been featured on the Today Show twice, Good Morning America, and the New York Times. She is working on a book about tech intentional parenting in the digital age.

You can find out more about Emily on her website- screentimeconsultant.com


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Takeaways from the show

  • The new age of technology
  • Modeling good phone use
  • Being tech intentional
  • Prioritize important skills early in your child’s life
  • Mentors vs. monitors
  • What persuasive design is
  • How to approach conversations about screens
  • Getting curious about behavior
  • Tech balance
  • Generational differences
  • Approaching tech boundaries as an experiment
  • Authoritative vs. authoritarian
  • Co-creating agreements
  • Progress over perfection


What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

To me courage means doing the hard things even when they’re scary, and doing them anyway. I love that you added joyful because after I do those hard scary things, I do feel joyful. It makes me want to put myself out there more even when it’s scary.

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