Eps 316: Teens, Therapy, and Mental Health with Dr. Melanie McNally

Episode 316

My guest this week is Melanie McNally. She is a licensed clinical psychologist who helps Gen-Z become the superheroes of their life stories.

She provides online support through teletherapy and coaching, online programs, and books that teach Gen-Z how to build confidence, manage anxiety, and achieve their goals.

Dr. McNally founded Therapy Bootcamp, an app based pseudo-educational service for Gen-Z’ers to get therapy tools delivered right to their phones. Therapy Bootcamp is an 8 week program where  boot campers build self awareness and develop coping tools all while being able to DM Dr. McNally directly.

She has worked in the mental health field since 2005 and teaches the skills, strategies, and tools that she herself has used and continues to use.

Dr. McNally lives in the forest of the upper peninsula in Michigan with her husband and three dogs. You can learn more about her at destinationyou.net  

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Takeaways from the show

  • Why Dr. McNally works with Gen-z
  • Social challenges in the pandemic
  • Adolescent narcissism
  • Awareness vs. action
  • Asking clarifying questions
  • Increasing anxiety in youth
  • Discerning between stress and mental health
  • Navigating therapy resistance
  • The value of virtual therapy
  • Tips for being around someone with high anxiety
  • Go to lines to say while your kid is distressed
  • Regulate, relate, reason
  • Encouraging good mental health habits



Website | Instagram | Free Parenting Guide

I heard one of your guests break it down one time and I couldn’t agree more: I think of courage and facing fears or new experiences. Joyful I think brings a sense of excitement or curiosity. So I think of Joyful Courage as facing new experiences with a sense of curiosity.


Therapy Bootcamp


I am so excited to share  this exclusive offer for the Joyful Courage community to you for Melanie’s Therapy Bootcamp starting April 4, 2022!

Therapy Bootcamp is for the Gen Zers who don’t feel like they know their real selves. They have a hard time getting motivated, lose track of their goals, and have no idea how to handle their feelings. 

Therapy Bootcamp is an 8-week Bootcamp that includes video teachings, journal prompts, activities, and proven strategies- all on an app on their phone. They move through the program with 15-30 minutes of work each day. Not to mention, all bootcampers will have regular access to Dr. Melanie McNally for any questions.

Learn more about Therapy Bootcamp and grab your spot at destinationyou.net/therapy-bootcamp , Use the code Joyful at checkout and get $30 off tuition to the program.


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