Kelly Bos – Navigating Two Parenting Styles in One Family

Episode 32

So grateful to have Kelly Bos on the show today!  Kelly is a psychotherapist focusing on individual, marriage, and family relationships. She helps people find meaning and joy in their relationships – with themselves and others.

Today we are talking about navigating parenting styles in our family.  

As I say on a regular basis, parenting is a journey, right?  Have you started to notice that when we say “yes!  I want to be with you forever!” we are also saying yes to the journey of relationship???

And it’s not always easy.

We show up with baggage – we show up with our own lens that has been developed through the experiences of our life…  AND we sometimes forget that we aren’t all looking through the same lens…

Listen in as I talk with Kelly about how to be more proactive and forwarding in our conversations with our partners, and build stronger connections with them in the process!!

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Articles for further reading:

What to do When Your Parenting Styles Don’t Mesh by Kelly Bos
When Parents Disagree on Discipline by Amy McCreedy


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