Eps 332: Solo Show- The Challenges of Giving Up Control with Our Teens

Episode 332

This week’s episode is a solo show with your host Casey O’Roarty. She discusses what “Getting out of your kid’s way means; why teens are wired for novelty seeking; sharing your values with your kids, co-creating agreements, and more!

Alternatives to Punishment Series

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Takeaways from the show

  • What “Getting out of your kid’s way” means
  • Teens are wired for novelty seeking
  • Sharing your values with your kids
  • Co-creating agreements
  • Let your kids practice being in the driver’s seat!
  • Shifting away from the idea of rewards and consequences
  • Positive Discipline looks different in every family
  • Getting curious on what your teen wants
  • Become open to self discovery

Alternatives to Punishment Series


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