EPS 335: Positive Discipline with Fernanda Lee

Episode 335

My guest today is Fernanda Lee.

Fernanda Lee, M.A.Ed, holds a degree in business administration and worked for Accenture, Bank of America and other investment brokers, until she became a mother, and decided to learn more about child development. 

Fernanda now holds a Master Degree in Education, with a Pupil Personnel Services credential, and has served as a school counselor in elementary and middle public schools. She is a lead trainer in Positive Discipline, serving parents, health professionals, teachers, early childhood educators, couples, and professionals in the workplace in the United States, Brazil, Portugal and Luxembourg. 

Fernanda was featured in two national magazines “Escola” and “English as a Foreign Language” discussing the practical application of Positive Discipline in the classroom. She is very thankful to be raising her two teenagers with Positive Discipline, as without it she would have pulled out all her hair. 

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Takeaways from the show

  • How Fernanda first got involved with Positive Discipline
  • Changes in your relationship as your kids grow older
  • Using Positive Discipline with older adolescents and teens
  • Some of the biggest challenges that come with parenting teens
  • Listening to and having open discussions with your teen
  • Being understanding and respectful with your kids 
  • Saying no in a productive way to teens


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