Eps 343: SHORT Solo Show Leaving on a jet plane….

Episode 340

I’m outta here! I am on a plane with Julietta Skoog headed out on a WORLD TOUR!! We land later today in the UAE and will be speaking at Parenthood: The Unconference next week, alongside so many amazing speakers.

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show


✈ On my way to the Parenthood: The Unconference
✈ “Creating Freedom within Structure” talk
✈ We all want the same things for our kids
✈ Headed to Singapore
✈ Headed to Perth
✈ Headed to Maui
✈ WHO AM I???
✈ Trust, self doubt, imposter syndrome, courage

Joyful Courage is creating the vision, working hard, and being an enthusiastic YES when the world hands you a big opportunity!!

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