Eps 354: SOLO – The Power of Community

Episode 354

Today I am on solo to talk about moving into a new year and how community supports us in growing through what we are going through. I am here to speak directly to you, the listener, and hopeful that you feel seen and heard in what I share.

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show

  • New year, better choices
  • What it feels like to drop back into parenting challenges a second time around
  • Finding spaces that are safe for sharing vulnerably
  • Acknowledging that going through hard things is HARD
  • Daily practice of paying attention to our bodies, the stories we are creating, and being aware
  • Noticing the emotional freight train
  • Being willing to choose to take care of ourselves to get off the train
  • Being a part of a community that can hold us in our challenges
  • Speaking out our real, authentic experiences
  • Doing the big work together
  • Living Joyful Courage doors are OPEN for YOU

Today, for me, Joyful Courage means being transparent and willing to take care of myself so that I can take care of my people.

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