Eps 363: SOLO Breaking down growth mindset, optimism, motivation and teens

Episode 363

This week I am thrilled to be expanding on a conversation happening in the Living Joyful Courage community around how to support a growth mindset and optimism in our teens. They have a lot going on and are coming of age in a messy world – listen in to this show to hear my take on it all.

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show

  • keeping in mind why our teens may have a negative mindset
  • keeping in mind the red flags of something bigger going on
  • language for prompting communication
  • how we show up/ our modeling matters
  • checking our expectations and triggers

Today (and many days) Joyful Courage means being WITH our teens exactly as they are showing up and not making them wrong, even as it sparks emotions and fear for us.

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