Eps 370: SOLO SHOW Deep diving into encouragement

Episode 370

It’s you and me, babe! You. And. Me. Another solo show for diving into work of parenting teens and rolling around in it together. Today I am talking about how encouragement can be a tool for relationship, skill building and showing up as our best. I share language and thoughts about how to uplevel the encouragement in YOUR home so that your teens are more likely to step into cooperation and collaboration.

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Takeaways from the show

  • encouragement vs praise
  • what encouragement looks like, sounds like
  • personal responsibility and encouragement
  • being in the tension of what we want most vs what we want now
  • when encouragement isn’t enough
  • taking care of ourselves when our teens are deeply discouraged

Today Joyful Courage means trusting myself and paying attention to the indicators that I am moving into my teen’s lane. Joyful Courage means trusting my teen, and trusting the power of encouragement.

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