Eps 403: Hunter Clarke Fields and the daily practice of raising good humans

Episode 403

My guest this week is friend of the podcast, Hunter Clarke Fields.

Hunter and I discuss her new book, raising teens, and how to lean into more presence and less action. This is a simple yet profound shift and makes such a profound impact on our relationships with our teens.

Guest description:

Hunter is a Mindfulness Mentor, Mindful Mama Podcast Host, Mom, Global Speaker, and Number 1 Bestselling Author of “Raising Good Humans” with a New Book: “Raising Good Humans Every Day” available Aug 1, 2023. 

Hunter has over 20 years of experience in meditation and yoga practices, and helps moms bring more calm and family cooperation into their daily lives. She is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, the creator of the Mindful Parenting Course and Teacher Training, and has taught mindfulness to thousands worldwide, including a recent trip to Egypt.

Hunter is on to promote her new book!

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Takeaways from the show

  • The birth of her new book and how it’s meant to be used
  • How the teens years expanded her experience of parenting
  • Reminding us that taking care of ourself is the key to being who we need to be for our teens
  • Communication, mindfulness, forgiveness as tools for being in relationship with ourselves and others
  • The chapter titled “Why I want to date my child”
  • Creating special time with our adolescents
  • Being the calm mountain when our kids are struggling 
  • The power of tweaking our ability to shift from doing to being
  • Our relationship with time
  • Tips for parents to be less busy and more present


Website: mindfulmamamentor.com
Buy Raising Good Humans Every Day wherever you buy books
Instagram: @mindfulmamamentor

Joyful Courage means to me going in and being with my teen girls. Embodying the courage to face all the things we face in the world and continue to seek out the joy.

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