Eps 426: Cultivating Your Observer: Navigating Tough Conversations with Teens

Episode 426

The art of parenting is a constantly evolving journey filled with challenges, and one of the most important aspects is maintaining open and honest communication with your children. Recently, I stumbled upon a thought-provoking discussion on a podcast that delved into this very subject. Dax Shepard was interviewing Kerry Washington, and their conversation veered into the realm of parenting, children, and a profound question: “What if your teen came to you and confessed to trying a substance last night?”

This question made me pause and reflect on the significance of fostering an environment where our children feel comfortable sharing their experiences and struggles. In thispodcast, we’ll explore the concept of cultivating your observer and the art of responding thoughtfully to challenging situations with your teenagers.

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Takeaways from the show

    • The importance of open communication with teenagers.
    • Exploring the question of how parents should respond when a teen confesses to risky behavior
    •  Acknowledging the disparity between our hypothetical reactions and actual responses to challenging situations
    • How various situations, from typical teenage experiences to emotionally charged moments, can push parents into a reactive state
    • The negative consequences of reacting with hurt, blame, and shame
    • Strategies for handling tough conversations with teenagers
    • The goal is to respond thoughtfully and constructively, fostering trust and open communication with teens, ultimately strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Joyful Courage means being willing to fight for what you want in relationship, even when it’s uncomfortable. Joyful Courage is about  valuing transparency and honesty and tenderness.

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