Talking about tweens with Shannon Younger from Tween US

Episode 5

It was my great pleasure to interview Shannon Younger from Tween US.  You can find her blog on the Chicago Now website.

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Shannon lives with her 12 year old in the suburbs of Chicago and has been blogging on Tween US for the past 3 years…

“When we are feeling pain in our own parenting practices, chances are, other parents are feeling the same way…”  – Casey

Tina Bryson Payne and Dan Siegel – brain development in teens

“Doesn’t have to be us vs. them.”  – Shannon

“Stand in your firmness within the context of being in relationship with your child.”  – Casey

Tweens and Social Media

*  Take the out!  Kids must be 13 to participate

*  So much goes on that parents are unaware of.  Check out your child’s friends pages….

*  Remember that internet isn’t all bad – it can be a helpful/fun tool

    – Bethany Mota  You Tube Channel

*  Take time to train and develop skills

Smart Phones

*  Communications skills

*  Making agreements/setting boundaries together

*  Central “charging station” at night (Shannon’s is in her bedroom)

Lauren Steinberg –  Author of The 10 Basic Principles of Goof Parenting

“My 12 was not the same as your 12, but my 12 was painful too.” – Shannon

Stay connected by having fun, sharing laughs and reminding them they are a part of a family.

Community is everything!

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