The Safety Talk with Kim Estes

Episode 6

Kim Estes is AWESOME!  I had such a fun time interviewing here…  She is straight to the point while also being light and real.  I learned a ton throughout our conversation, I bet you will too!!

Intro with Family – two daughters, middle/high schoolers

Savvy Parents Safe Kids –

Patty Fitzgerald – Safety Ever After

Lots of strategies…  not just “this is what you do in the moment”

Being home alone… 2 tips:

  1. Don’t open the door, acknowledge the door –
    In a strong voice: “Who is it?” followed by, “I can’t help you…” and walk away.
  2. Know what to do if there is a fire –
    Get out of the house and use a neighbors phone to call 911


Talking about having an “out” for sticky situations…  Teach your kids language to use and practice the language…

  • Free range in the world is safer than free range online.
  • The internet is a place, not a thing….
  • Safety radar isn’t quite as tuned in….

PDF of Super 10 Rules For Safety

Don’t scare them, it’s not helpful
“Family” safety rule

Check in – make it a family thing
Lead by example  

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show


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