Eps 8: Talking About the Birds and Bees and Kids with Amy Lang

Episode 8

This week’s guest is Amy Lang from Birds and Bees and Kids.

Amy Lang is a Sexual Health Educator for over 20 years. She works primarily with parents of kids preschool to middle school. She knows how to keep it real, keep it age appropriate, and be honest about sex and sexuality with kids. This is important because the more open and honest we are, the safer kids are.

The more informed kids are the more empowered they are…

“Sex, sexuality (relationships and connection) drives everything we do – in our families, how we relate to each other, culture and media – music!  And we run around and pretend its not happening…” 

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Takeaways from the show


  • How to have the sex talk with kids
  • Keeping our kids safe from sexual abuse
  • Harder for kids to avoid porn now than it was for us to find it when we were kids
  • “Junk food sex ed”
  • Playground talk from other kids
  •  Sex ed should be getting short and sweet convos from a very early age
  • Sexuality is a part of what makes us HUMAN.
  • What we can say to our children to set them up with boundaries
  • Talking openly is protective, teaches them bodies are private = sexual abuse prevention
  • Sharing values, influencing them so they can make their own, informed decisions



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