Talking About the Birds and Bees and Kids with Amy Lang

Episode 8

Who is Amy Lang?

Sexual Health Educator for 20 years –

Works primarily with parents of kids preschool  – middle school

Keep it real, keep it age appropriate, be honest…

The more open and honest we are, the safer kids are…

The more informed kids are the more empowered they are…

“Sex, sexuality (relationships and connection) drives everything we do – in our families, how we relate to each other, culture and media – music!  And we run around and pretend its not happening…” 

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Harder for kids to avoid porn now than it was for us to find it when we were kids…

Because porn creates a chemical “thrill” kids will go back to what they’ve seen – can’t believe it, can’t stop looking at it…

“Junk food sex ed”

–       porn
–   convo on the playground/ from other kids

 Sex ed should be getting short and sweet convos from a very early age…  How babies are made, body development, sexuality, happy healthy relationships with YOUR VALUES included…

Sexuality is a part of what makes us HUMAN.

Outlier parents have to put up with discomfort around “If I tell my kids about sex, they are going to tell everyone…”

What we can say to our children:

“This is a private conversations we have in our family, its not your job to tell other kids, its their mom and dad to tell other kids…  people are weird and uncomfortable – and its safer to take to me about this…” 

Sets them up with some boundaries.

Talking openly is protective, teaches them bodies are private = sexual abuse prevention…

Demonstrating openness by talking about sex. Reinforces that we mean it when we say,“You can tell me anything…”

Pre-5th grade — biological stuff/nuts and bolts/how things work/term defining

Always talking about values

Middle school — social/emotional aspects of relating/dating/ talking about being “in relationship” with another person – noticing in movies/tv – normalizing the ups and downs of relationships

Asking about what is happening in peers groups/what ifs/how are they feeling about what they are seeing — EMPOWER THEM WITH INFORMATION AND CONVERSATION

Sharing values, influencing them so they can make their own, informed decisions…  And you want to be in their head as much as possible!

Long acting reversable contraception  (LARC)  – 5-7 years of no pregnancy/no period

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