Eps 84: Oh Crap Potty Trainer, Jamie Glowacki

Episode 84

Today’s guest is Jamie Glowacki, a social worker who worked with dual diagnosis moms, transitioned to owning a children’s store and then became a potty trainer. We are discussing potty training.

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“You have to take off the diapers.”

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Takeaways from the show


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The elimination communication movement
  • Timing of potty training readiness
  • “Pull-ups” and potty training – mixing old and new behaviors.
  • Potty training and instant gratification – the role of patience in the process
  • The myths of potty training
  • Gender and potty training
  • The role of social learning and praise
  • Potty location and using the tool for the task
  • The influence of Dr. Spock and the history of potty training
  • Developmental milestones – should they be child-led?
  • The myth of “readiness” – potty training as a skill that needs to be attended to rather than something that happens naturally in time without intervention
  • The “magic window” of potty training – prior to individuation
  • Potty training as a power struggle
  • “Fear of release” – how to overcome it
  • Managing expectations around developmental milestones and the danger of comparison
  • How potty training challenges vary based on the age of the child
  • Performance anxiety and potty training
  • The best potty and ergonomic angle for potty training specifically for encouraging poop
  • How to modify your potty or reposition your child to improve poop likelihood
  • Rewards and consequences – their role in potty training
  • Potty training power struggles as relationship challenges
  • Potty training regressions – change in routines, the honeymoon period
  • Using blocks of learning to solve regressions
  • “Baby love” as a tool to help kids adjust to new siblings
  • Location specific potty training challenges – how to unpack them
  • Night time training strategies
  • Developmental phases of bladder development

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