Eps 93: Carly Mentlik Talks About Support our Tween Girls

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Meet Carly Mentlik, tween whisperer. Carly’s vast education and experiences have led her to craft The Inner Rainbow Project.  She coaches parents and caregivers “to help our tween daughters grow up to be the confident, emotionally healthy, self-aware women that they deserve to be”. Nine through pre-teen can be a very challenging time for parents and tweens to navigate. Carly’s passion and guiding light gives parents and caregivers the tools to help navigate this extremely important development phase with ample support.

The world is changing faster and faster every day. We need our girls to have the confidence to speak their truth and live in their authenticity! Carly holds a Masters in Clinical Counseling, dual Bachelors in Special and Elementary Education all from NYU. She is a single mom, Yoga instructor and all around inspiration.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Challenges tween girls navigate

  • Elementary to Middle School transition.

  • Importance of cultivating a strong foundation for girls at this developmental stage.

  • How feelings and emotions are changing and affect your tween and their experience.

  • Tools for helping your tween find self-awareness, acceptance and discovery in a safe and healthy environment.

  • How to address body image and help tweens feel confidence and compassion in/for themselves.

  • The importance of your tweens voice and how to support their expression.

  • How to use creativity and have fun to build connection with your tween.

  • Practical lessons and rituals that help both you and your tween put tools into daily practice.

  • What you can expect from working with Carly.

  • Special introduction to The Chakra Girls!

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Being a mom and being blessed to follow my passion, it is gratitude. It’s terrifying to embark on these things and you need that courage, but it’s with such joy because I am so grateful to have this opportunity to do this work.

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