Eps 324: Mental Health for Moms with Charlotte Avery

Episode 324

Charlotte Avery is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is fiercely committed to helping women go from overwhelmed to overjoyed in their roles as wives and moms. As The Family Strategist™, she draws upon her experiences as the wife of 1, mother of 7, and owner of no pets, to give moms the tools they need to define for themselves what it means to have it all.

As a mom of seven, Charlotte became consumed by her children’s needs and lost touch with her identity, but when she learned how to blend instead of balance her life, Charlotte was able to make time for herself, which helped her reconnect with who she was. Now, as The Family Strategist™, Charlotte helps all moms do the same, teaching them how to love themselves, strengthen their families, live authentically, and do it in style. 
You can find more about her at her website; beingcharlotteavery.com


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Takeaways from the show

  • Charlotte’s family story
  • Being in a WAM mindset
  • Struggles of motherhood in the pandemic
  • Recognizing deep rooted parenting patterns
  • Owning your truth
  • Two way emotional honesty with your kids
  • Tools to blend motherhood and self care
  • The pros of therapy
  • Maintaining good mental health
  • Journey of growth
  • Choosing to prioritize yourself
  • Giving yourself and loved ones grace


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What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Joyful Courage to me means being able to find the joy even in the scary moments. My son is going to be the first to leave home and go to college and as nervous as I feel, just knowing I’m going to be a courageous mom  letting him spread his wings and fly because it takes courage to do that, but also finding the joy in his journey and my journey as we go down this path together.




Parenting for The Season You’re In is a program for parents who are looking for a deeper understanding of the challenges they are facing, how they may be contributing to the challenges, and tools and strategies for problem solving. Most importantly, this community is about experiencing more joy on the parenting journey. 

Join so many other parents in finding their Joyful Courage as we walk the sometimes mild, sometimes wild parenting path. No matter the season of parenting you are in today, this program is designed to give you what you need to be the parent you want to be.

This is a 6 week class that starts May 10th and goes through June 14th from 5-7 PT over Zoom.

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Positive Discipline Association Conference

Join us in person for the 2022 Positive Discipline Conference which features presentations for educators, clinicians, and parents. Spend the day developing Positive Discipline tools for home and school, or to support others through your coaching, consulting, or counseling practice.

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Teaching Parenting The Positive Discipline Way

Teaching Parenting The Positive Discipline Way is a two day, in-person workshop designed to support participants in learning all they need to teach the Parenting the Positive Discipline Way curriculum. Developed by Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen, this program provides a step-by-step approach to starting and leading experientially based parenting groups and classes. This curriculum can stand alone or can offer significant enhancement to other parenting programs; it emphasizes experiential activities that reach the heart to inspire deeper understanding and change.

Grounded in the work of Jane Nelsen and Adlerian Theory, Positive Discipline centers relationship, encouragement and the practice of life skills, with an overarching theme of trusting the process and recognizing mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

This course takes place IN PERSON Fri May 27th – Sat May 28th

8:30am – 5pm ET in McLean, VA

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