Nicole Schwarz, Supporting our Children’s Negative Self Talk

Episode 39

Welcome! Today’s guest is Nicole Schwarz, who wrote an article recently that caught my attention. Her blog is, and the article was about Helping Kids Deal with Negative Self-Talk. Nicole is the mother of three daughters, and is a parent coach with a license in family therapy. She now devotes her work to online coaching and writing her blog. She loves working with families on positive, respectful parenting techniques.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The two things in kids’ lives that bring the most negative self-doubt
  • How two kids can be doing the same thing, but one will have negative self-doubt and one will be fine
  • How you may think you are supporting your kids in their negative self-doubt, but you may be doing THREE KEY THINGS wrong!
  • All parents face the question of how much to push them and how much to support them.
  • Nicole has tips to help you connect with your kids in moments of frustration; the key is to find ways to connect with them.
  • As a parent, you have opportunities to help your kids through their negative self-doubt; the key is to help them with important life skills.

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The blog post that started it all… How to Respond to Your Child’s Negative Self Talk

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