Sarah Remmer Helps Us Revamp Mealtime

Episode 42

Welcome! My guest today is Sarah Remmer, a registered dietitian and pediatric nutrition expert. She blogs at Stork to Fork, sharing ideas, advice, and easy recipes for real parents who want their kids to grow into healthy relationships with food. Let’s jump right into this topic with Sarah!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Sarah is the mother of three young kids, so she knows the struggle!
  • In her client work, Sarah noticed that the common denominator was the way they were
  • Raised in dysfunctional relationships with food.
  • She rebranded and turned her specialty to helping parents raise kids with healthy habits and positive, functional relationships with food for life.
  • Her practice has been thriving, as she is now recognized as a top pediatric nutritionist.
  • Sarah discusses the biggest challenges in feeding kids; if you’re a parent, then you’ve experienced one or more of these!
  • How a recent blog post by Sarah focuses on the “role reversal” that takes place between parents and kids at mealtimes
  • Why kids should NOT stick exclusively with their favorite snacks, like yogurt or bananas
  • Boundaries are important and help create structure.
  • Sarah advises NO short order cooking, NO special meals, and NO snacking after meals.
  • Desserts are tricky!
  • Why you should NOT require “3 more bites of broccoli” before dessert!
  • Why kids are naturally drawn to energy-rich foods like sweets and carbs
  • Eating a wide variety of foods as a toddler will broaden your child’s palate!
  • Ask your child, “How can I make this food yummier for you?”
  • Bad habits CAN be changed!
  • How to involve kids in meals and meal planning
  • Sometimes, kids are truly NOT hungry!
  • Sarah explains your “long-term feeding lens” vs. the short term.
  • What does “joyful courage” mean to you? “Having the courage to start fresh. Forgive yourself for unhealthy habits. Be kind and end mealtime power struggles.

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