TBT Revisiting Eps 259 SOLO SHOW “Is this Positive Discipline?”

Bringing this show back from the vault to remember how we can get clear if we are responding to our kids in a way that is helpful and guiding them towards life skill building. Listen in as I break down the five criteria for Positive Discipline and how it looks in real life with our kids. 

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Takeaways from the show

  • Making sure we are asking the right question about parenting
  • Teasing apart the five criteria for Positive Discipline
  • Kindness and Firmness
  • Belonging and significance
  • What is effective in the long term?
  • Is my response holding space for life skill development?
  • Do our kids recognize how capable they are?

Today…. today Joyful Courage is really about staying committed to the principles and criteria of PD and trusting that this is what my kids need to develop into the young people they are meant to be.

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