Relationship Reset

5 Day Challenge

December 5th – 9th 2022

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The toughest challenge that parents of teens face is nurturing a relationship that leads to communication and influence. Parents are so worried and fearful, and not being able to talk in a way that allows for connection and understanding exacerbates how hard things feel.

The Relationship Reset is designed to give parents the tools they need to reshape how they are relating to their teens, to create an opening and a softening in the current dynamic, and start the process of reconnection.

Here’s where we will go…

Day 1: Reflection

We are going to set the compass for what we want. We are going to learn a bit about what teens need and how their brain is developing.

Day 2: Consideration

We are going to take an honest look at our fears, our conditioning, and how both have shown up to influence what we have brought into our relationships with our kids.

Day 3: Ownership

We are going to lean into vulnerability with a process that will support us in taking accountability for what we have brought to the current status of our relationship with our teen.

Day 4: Listening to learn

We are going to learn and practice tools for listening to truly hear and understand our kids. We will explore how to be sure our kids FEEL heard, and why this is so important.

Day 5: Partnering

We will wrap up the week focusing in on where to go from here – how to maintain relationship even with the twists and turns of the teen years. We get to shift our mindset from a place of control to partnership – and allow our kids their journey..


What you get

  • A workbook to capture all of your learning
  • Daily interactive live videos
  • An engaging community forum


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Relationship Reset

5 day challenge

December 5 – 9 2022