Getting a Handle on Screens

Working WITH your teens and their screens

Every parent is struggling with how to help their teen have a healthy relationship with screens. Every. Parent. It feels impossible to keep up and stay ahead of what our kids are being exposed to. In this power workshop, parents will learn the power of mentoring instead of monitoring their teens, how to normalize conversations of screen use, and what it looks like to collaborate on limits that keep kids safe. We will talk specifically about porn, sextortion and privacy, as well as where to go for more resources.


Date: Tuesday, July 23rd

Time: 5 – 7:30 pm PST

Cost: $129


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Topics we will cover:

  • We’re all in this together: Stats, Antidotes, Mental health
  • Challenges/ gifts of screens: Fears
  • Normalizing screen conversations: Confident Authority, Emotional Honesty, Listen, Acknowledge their equally valid separate reality
  • Limits: Non-negotiables, Where to find collaboration, Time limit vs DTO (Device Time Out)
  • Apps: Social media, Streaming, Porn
  • Mentoring vs monitoring: Software, Device checks, Privacy/ aging out
  • When to get more help/ Resources

Can’t make it?
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Getting a Handle on Screens

with Casey O’Roarty

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Casey O’Roarty, M.Ed

Casey is a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer. She has her master’s degree in education and over 20 years experience helping families in schools and homes. She is a co-founder and the adolescent lead at Sproutable, and in the trenches raising two teens.