Summer Solutions – Keeping our teens safe through the season

Tightening things up for the summer


In a world where there is so much to distract and discourage our teens, it has never been more important for parents to know how to create systems and boundaries that keep them safe. In this power workshop, parents will learn how to be the confident authority in the household, how to collaborate with their teens in a way that develops their critical thinking and decision making skills, and tools for being ever more intentional with how we are responding when our kids get into mischief.


“I want you to absorb when I tell you how good you are—so present, and so real—so responsive to what is happening at the moment.” – Dr. Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Discipline

Spring 2024

virtual via Zoom

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

5 pm- 7:30pm PT

Cost: $129 /per person


Topics we will cover:

  • Teen brain and boundaries
    • Pushing against
  • Confident Authority/ kind and firm
  • Owning what hasn’t been/isn’t useful
    • Listen for teen’s experience
    • Empathy/ Validation for their equally valid reality
  • Collaborative processes
    • A word about buy in
    • Agreements
    • Routines/ rhythm/ flow
    • Family Meetings
  • Parental self regulation/ Intentional response

*Can’t make the event or only part of it? We will be sending a recording after the event is live. Although we highly encourage in-person attendance as it is designed to be experiential for maximum learning, we understand that your lives are busy. Please reach out with questions. [email protected]

Summer Solutions – Keeping our teens safe through the season

with Casey O’Roarty

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