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Are you ready to create your brave new world?

The Parenting for a Brave New World audio summit includes five interviews with top experts in their field designed to put you IN CHARGE of creating the world and the life that you want. Yes, there are things that are out of our control, and YES we CAN live in an intentional way and change the experiences we are having.

Summit details

I have zeroed in on five areas of focus that are the most POTENT areas for growth and relationship right now. Plus, five powerful guests that deliver the tools all parents need to be in the CREATION of the Brave New World that includes us all:

  1. Navigating the changing and challenging school model
  2. Adolescent mental health in times of uncertainty
  3. Raising the social justice advocates we need
  4. Modeling and embracing financial literacy during difficult times
  5. Tending to our parenting soul

We are all walking into a new year with baggage – some of it is collective, some of it unique to the individual. But none of us escaped the radical journey that has been the last two years.

In my circle in the last year, along with the pandemic, I witnessed:

  • Good friends with partnerships that ended
  • Grief for loved ones gone too soon
  • Cancer diagnoses – in my own family and dear friends
  • Reckless behavior resulting in jail time
  • Anger about racial injustice… so much anger
  • Defeat and discouragement with remote learning
  • Stress and fear about finances
  • Deep depression
  • Crippling anxiety

It’s been a shitshow for ALL of us.
One that NONE of us want to repeat.
Let’s work to create something different, shall we?

Meet the guests

Jessica Lahey writes about education, parenting, and child welfare for various outlets including The Atlantic, The Washington Post and the New York Times.

She is the author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed and her second book, The Addiction Inoculation: Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence will be released in April of 2021.

Jessica was an early guest on the Joyful Courage Podcast (Eps 21) and I am thrilled to have her as an expert on the summit, teasing apart how to best serve our kids in the challenging and changing school model.

Dr. Hina Talib is board-certified in Pediatrics and in Adolescent Medicine.

Dr. Talib attends at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore providing both inpatient and outpatient specialty services as well as at the Children’s Aid Society, a foster care agency.

Dr. Talib leads the Adolescent Medicine fellowship training program as director as well as directing the Adolescent Medicine inpatient unit.

Dr. Talib has become a trusted resource for a growing audience of parents and providers at her instagram, @teenhealthdoc, where she provides teen health content.

Dr. Baxley is a mother, a cultural coach for parents, a speaker and educator, and a diversity, inclusion and equity consultant.

She is passionate around supporting families with intentional parenting today for a more humane world tomorrow.

Dr. Baxley and I are going to be talking about Raising the social justice advocates that our Brave New World needs.

Social Justice Parenting in a philosophy that is rooted in radical love and activism. In her work with parents, Dr. Traci Baxley discusses new ideas in parenting for our current social climate that moves families away from fear-based parenting styles. Social Justice Parenting guides parents in raising independent, compassionate and socially conscious children.

Meghan deBoer is the founder of Tended Wealth, a business that guides clients to heal their emotional, and practical, relationship to money.

As a certified Financial Recovery Counselor, her approach considers the context of our current financial circumstance:

our lived experience, our family culture, and the broad culture that shape our beliefs about money.

Megan is passionate about transforming this fundamental part of our lives from shame and overwhelm to a sense of agency, clarity, and potential. Her course participants and 1:1 clients regularly attest to the life changing power of this work.

Elena Lipson is an Intuitive Leadership and Self-Care Coach, Transformational Speaker, and Retreat Leader.

She is the creator of the The Divine Self-Care Circle and the Divine Self-Care: The Meditations & Musings Podcast.

Elena loves to work with women to help them in creating a life they love with the Feminine Metrics of success: Pleasure, Play, Ease, Grace and Trusting Your Own Pace.

You can find Elena’s writing in Huffington Post, Medium, Tiny Buddha, Business Rocks Magazine, Business Heroine Magazine, and Coco Eco Magazine. She lives in the PNW with her husband and son.

In this Mini Summit, Elena and I are going to dig into what it means to take care of our parenting soul.

What you can expect

– Authentic discussion –
You will find yourself drawn in by the real, candid interview style of the host, Casey. She too is a parent of teens and brings her transparency to each and every interview. She values lightness and authenticity in the parenting conversation – resulting in feeling like you’re having a conversation with good friends, while taking in information that will up your confidence while raising your teens.


– Personal growth –
This summit is an opportunity to put yourself, and your learning, first, and to get information that will support you in making a meaningful impact on your family. The topics we are covering come straight from what I see the Joyful Courage community asking for support with. This is an emotional journey, and we all want to get it right.


– Community –
All registered participants will be encouraged to join the Joyful Courage for Parents of Teens FB Group (again, optional) for discussions about each day’ interview. This is a supportive group of like-minded parents on the journey, ready to stand for you with support and celebration.

How the spotlight summits work

After you register you will get instant access to all the summit interviews and a welcome email from me, encouraging you to join the Joyful Courage community. Joining the Facebook group is optional, however it is a super fabulous, like-minded group of parents of teens over there waiting for you to chime in. The conversations have already started!


The summits include audio only interviews so that you can take them wherever you go.



The content is yours to consume as you see fit. You can listen to the interviews and read the transcripts on a timeline that works for you – coming back to your favorites again and again.

Virtual Classroom

All of the content from the summits will be stored in your personal account on Teachable. Participants will create their own username and password, and will find the interviews and transcripts made available in their virtual classroom.

All of the audios and transcripts will be downloadable and yours to keep. Download the Teachable iPhone app to make it super easy.

Lifetime Access

The good news is, no matter how you are able to listen in to these interviews, they are yours to keep forever. You get to choose when you listen to them, and how you want to integrate what you learn. After taking in these interviews, you will have the tools and skills to be the parent you want to be, with strong relationships, as well as boundaries and guidelines that fit your family.

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