0-5 Mini Summit: Questions from the community

Episode 2

You all know that I love me some Julietta Skoog! She is a dear friend and a WEALTH of information. Julietta is the Early Years Lead here at Sproutable.

Julietta led the Seattle Public Schools Childfind Preschool Assessment Screening Team from 2007-2014. She is currently the school counselor at Queen Anne Elementary. She is the proud mother of two daughters ages 7 and 4. She understands the parenting challenges, as well as the importance of early intervention and child development.

Julietta has a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and Ed.S Degree in School Psychology from Seattle University. As a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, she teaches Positive Discipline parenting classes and provides Positive Discipline trainings for teachers and parent educators.

Yup.  She’s amazing.

This summit is part 2 of 3.

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show

Part 2: Questions from the Community

In Part 2, listen in as Julietta digs into the challenges brought to us by the Joyful Courage community through the lens of development. We get real about sibling rivalry, toddlers who “don’t listen,” telling stories versus lies, and more.

Find part 1 of the summit here.


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