Eps 126: Tina Bryson is BACK teaching us about nurturing a YES BRAIN

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Tina Bryson is BACK ON the podcast today!!  You all remember Tina from Eps 100 – which happens to be THE most downloaded show to date of this podcast.

Tina co-authored two of MY fave parenting books, the whole brain child and no drama discipline with Dan Siegel and she is BACK on the podcast today to talk about her NEW book, the yes brain.

I am THRILLED she is back on….


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  • The Yes Brain is available NOW

  • Tina is a mama to 17, 14, and 11 year boys

  • Yes brain and no brain approaches

    • A “yes brain” is a mindset of saying yes to the world, open – neurological state, our brain is integrated and linked up… Over time it becomes hardwired

    • A “no brain” is fearful, reactive

  • Prompted by “what are the skills my child needs to be successful?” – Tina and Dan Siegel wanted to go beyond academics and gold stars

    • They need an integrated brain that has a strong/functioning prefrontal cortex

  • Yes Brain has 4 Components:

    • Balance

    • Resilience

    • Insight

    • Empathy

  • Developmental brain/age/temperament matters

  • Tina shares a story about her own son who seemed to be lacking empathy at a young age

  • Brain develops through experience – What we emphasize (as parents) in our interactions create new linking connection in the brain.

  • Use books, shows, and real world experiences to model and draw forth empathy in our kids

  • Trust development, trust that what you are doing will pay off

  • Supporting our children in feeling their feelings – support them as they practice tolerating difficult feelings

  • Normalize difficult feelings…

  • 2-3 tools to put into practice:

    • Sleep!!!

      • When we sleep the brain LITERALLY freshens up

    • Survive emotional dysregulation

      • When kids are at their worst is when they need us the most

      • Co-regulaton – a soothing presence to communicate “you’re safe, I’m here”

      • Build/teach skills to help them regulate themselves – GREEN ZONE

      • Check out Eps 100 to hear Tina dig deeper into this

      • Teach them to understand themselves

    • Rethinking success

      • Our children having an authentic self that they can trust

      • It’s about the journey and not JUST the destination

      • BIGGER than gold stars and academics

    • Eudaimonia – happiness comes from meaning, connection and peaceful contentment



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