Eps 310: Live Coaching – Food, Eating, Body Image, Teens

Episode 310

This week’s episode is a live coaching session with the Joyful Courage host, Casey O’Roarty.

Takeaways from the show: What ARFID looks like, coming off ADHD meds, navigating body image and body health, growing body positivity, unintentionally projecting childhood trauma onto teens, having open and honest conversations; every talk is worth it, tending to your inner child, sitting inside of curiosity without judgment; becoming vulnerable with your teen; tuning into bodily cues.


Eps 230 with Bracha

See you next week!! 🙂

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Takeaways from the show

  • What ARFID looks like
  • Coming off ADHD meds
  • Navigating body image and body health
  • Growing body positivity
  • Unintentionally projecting childhood trauma onto teens
  • Having open and honest conversations
  • Every talk is worth it
  • Tending to your inner child
  • Sitting inside of curiosity without judgment
  • Becoming vulnerable with your teen
  • Tuning into bodily cues

Resources: Eps 230 with Bracha

See you next week!! 🙂


Troomi Wireless


Hey friends!

I am so excited to tell you about my new podcast sponsor – Troomi Wireless.

SO MANY of you send me emails and questions about phones – when to get them for your kiddos, how to limit their use….

It can be super challenging to buy a phone and try and figure out how to make it do less.

Troomi GETS THE STRUGGLE and has created the device that parents are looking for.

Troomi is a phone that grows alongside your child. Let me tell you how it works….

It is a smartphone that starts off with only talk and text, letting you build a safelist of numbers. With the Troomi KidSmart Dialer, your child can only contact and be contacted by contacts listed in their safelist.

Also, these phones allow you to create a custom experience that fits your child’s needs and maturity, preparing them for a future of responsible tech use. Eventually, you can graduate them into group text, picture and video messaging, safe internet and safe apps as their needs evolve!

Now, YOU get to decide what is best for your family. I know that many of you are wondering HOW to venture into the smartphone world in a way that feels gradual and safe… This is a great solution. I would have jumped on this when my kids were in middle school, it would have made my life so much easier…

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