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Sproutable Founder Podcast Series

Part One

Exploring our Childhood & Reparenting

EPS 459 – The Art of Connected Parenting

In this first episode of the series, we share stores from our own childhood experiences. We all have residual effects of the ways we were parented. How can we show up differently as parents? We’re not going for picture perfect Instagram parenting here – we’re getting real and digging into the messy moments.

The second half of this episode is all about reparenting. What is reparenting? Is it just another buzzword? We find that all 3 of us have different definitions but end up at the same place: healing your inner child & showing up differently for your own kids. We’re all growing and evolving.

Part Two

Guilt & Shame

EPS 461 – The Art of Connected Parenting

This week, we’re talking about guilt, shame, and self-doubt. All parents feel guilt, shame, and self-doubt about aspects of their parenting, even us as ‘experts’ – especially us! Today, all three of us are sharing stories of times we’ve felt (or still feel) guilt, shame, and self-doubt around our parenting.

Parenting is a place where those hard feelings often pop up. There are a lot of layers to this, and the power of hindsight can leave us feeling regretful about things we did or didn’t do. What do we do with these crappy feelings? What can we do in the moment when we feel shame creeping up on us?

Part Three

Perspective & Imperfection

EPS 463 – The Art of Connected Parenting

This week, we’re talking about shifting our perspective & embracing imperfection so we can learn and grow as parents and humans. Embracing the challenges is hard! When we have our compass of understanding development & trusting connection, we can move away from the shame & guilt we talked about last week.

We’re getting vulnerable this week sharing stories of our own challenges. From losing soccer games to being stuck in small houses with big families during COVID, we all have those really challenging moments with our kids.

Part Four

Being Intentional

EPS 465 – The Art of Connected Parenting

This week, we’re talking about goals & intentional parenting.

Now that we’ve had a chance in the series to talk about our own parenting stories, touched on what’s going on with the fear, shame, & guilt that we all feel, and shared some tips for being okay with the messiness of parenting, now we can dig into being an intentional parent and defining our parenting goals.

There’s lots we can do to control kids – yes, punishment can work short term. But we want to do better than that – we want to be intentional, conscious parents. We have to step back and ask, “Why are we doing this? What’s my goal here? What’s my long-term intention? What do I want to bring to life in this interaction?” It all comes back to teaching and skill-building.

Part Five

Dropping Into the Practice

EPS 467 – The Art of Connected Parenting

This week, we’re talking about when we’re doing all “the right” parenting moves, but we’re STILL having challenges. Spoiler alert: the challenges will change, but there will always be challenges. What we can change is how we handle, experience, & grow through those challenges.

ALL families and ALL children bring challenges – it’s typical, it’s normal, it’s developmental. Julietta explains what the Continuum of Change is and why conscious parenting takes so much time, effort, & intention. It’s not easy!

Part Six

Endurance & Evolution

EPS 469 – The Art of Connected Parenting

This is the last episode of this limited series, and we’re excited to talk about leaning into perseverance. Parenting is messy! We’ve got to keep our growth mindset and get into the thick of it to build grit, resilience, and to evolve as parents.

Get in the ring with these kiddos. Engage! We’re not going to get it exactly right; it’s going to be messy, and that’s part of the work. So often, we just want to get back to comfort, and we use our easiest tools without a pause to see what the situation really called for. Kids need for us to be in discomfort with them, not fix it for them!


5 Criteria of Positive Discipline

Joyful Courage Podcast

Welcome to the BECOMING SPROUTABLE limited podcast series, where your hosts, Julietta Skoog and Casey O’Roarty, parent coaches and Positive Discipline Trainers take you through the biggest tools and concepts of parenting with positive discipline – no matter your kids age.

This is the teaser episode super excited to share what is to come!

Episode One

Mutual Respect

Joyful Courage Podcast

Topics we cover

*Parenting stories with Casey and Julietta

*Mutual respect in relationships

*Identity development coming into parenthood

*Kindness and firmness showing up in respect

*Having a plan for tough behaviors

*Introducing body autonomy

*In the moment tools for mutual respect

*Be willing to be vulnerable

Episode Two

Belief Behind Behavior

Joyful Courage Podcast

Topics we cover

*Taking opportunities to listen and learn

*Revisiting the 5 criteria for Positive Discipline

*Thinking about the belief behind behavior

*Remembering kids are good receivers but poor interpreters

*Seeing the bigger picture behind behavior

*Interpreting your kid’s unskilled communication

*Understanding what’s below behavior opens the door to connection

Episode Three

Effective Communication

Joyful Courage Podcast

Topics we cover

*The emotional freight train

*Trusting your kids skills

*Keeping an objective mind

*Sibling dynamics

*Examples of bug and a wish

*Validation and reflective listening

*Family meetings in the teen years

*Being in genuine curiosity

*Finding moments of deeper communication

Episode Four

Discipline that Teaches

Joyful Courage Podcast

Topics we cover

*Relationship influencing discipline

*Environment does not reflect systems we live inside of

*Skills allow for kids to hold their own

*Misconceptions of Positive Discipline

*Switching language from consequences to solutions

*Results of punishment

*Day-to-day practice of connection and firmness

*Finding influence in the teenager dynamic

Episode Five

Focusing on Solutions

Joyful Courage Podcast

Topics we cover

*Family meeting process

*The struggle with chores

*Kids learn skills through experiences

*Remembering growth is not linear

*Getting clear on what solutions are

*Giving kids language to convey their feelings

*Criteria of solutions

*Assumptions about consequences

Episode Six


Joyful Courage Podcast

Topics we cover

*Celebrating showing up as a parent

*Holding space during the hard times

*Big behaviors call for encouragement

*Breaking down encouragement

*Consistent, insistent, and persistent

*Three types of encouragement

*Teens and judgment

*Sticking with intention