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Embracing pretend play with kids

It’s been a bit of a surprise for me over the last few years to realize that playing pretend isn’t as easy as I once thought.  I know I sure enjoyed it as a child, but as an adult it can feel just a bit tedious, repetitive, and perhaps is not the most engaging part of the day.  However, playing pretend with your nanny kiddos is a great way to build connection!  I also see pretend play really building those life skills that we want to see in our nanny charges when they are adults. 

By Danielle Taylor


Separation Anxiety

Saying goodbye is hard for everyone! Whether it is dropping off at daycare or school, or leaving them home with a caregiver or babysitter even if they are family, that moment of disconnection can feel painful for you both. Separation anxiety is common for our little ones, with a big peak between 9 and 12 months, and then again during the preschool years, when their sense of self and identity are growing by leaps and bounds. When separated from important adults in their life, they can feel scared. You are their safety net! This is a good sign showing positive attachment...

By Julietta Skoog