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Infant Potty Training Approach

When my son was born, I decided to try the less common approach of “infant potty training” or “elimination communication.” With this method, you learn to read your baby’s cues and take them directly to[...]

By Guest


4 Days from My Due Date

This Is Not a Friends Episode It is amazing the way the human mind works. I had completely repressed the massive discomfort that week 39 brings from my memory. Now here I am once again, counting the days and hours, swinging recklessly back and forth between being so ready for it to be over (thanks […]

By Julietta Skoog


Soaking it up with Cloth Diapers

When I was 24 years old I took a small motorboat through the Amazon jungle in Peru from Pucallpa to a village of the Shipibo tribe. The boat was full of locals returning to their home from the closest town with supplies. It was hot and sticky and the ride was long. There were only […]

By Alanna Beebe